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Maui Wowie x 2: A Side By Side Comparison


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In October 2018, I heard about a Hawaiian Seed company that was offering the "real deal" Maui Wowie. Having had some great experiences with Maui Wowie back in the '70s, I decided to give it a try. They were out of stock when I placed my order, but were offering "pre-sales" with a special discount. I figured it would be a few weeks/couple of months, so I went ahead. Turns out it took 11 months for my seeds to arrive! I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say there were many phone calls and emails and great gnashing of teeth!

About a month before I received the seeds, I got a lead on another Hawaiian based company that carried Maui Wowie IBL that has been kept going since 1977. I called and spoke to the owner/breeder and he convinced me his MW was authentic. During our call, I shared my "11 months" story. I asked if I bought another strain at full price ($200!) if he would throw in a few MW, or at least give me a good discount. Long story short he offered me a deal and in exchange I agreed to do a side by side grow/jounal of both versions. This journal will chronicle that.

420 forum guidelines prohibit me from naming and saying anything negative about the company that jerked me around for 11 months. If you would like more information, please PM me.

Stay tuned. I'm germinating seeds as I type and hope you will come along for the ride. Should be fun!
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Ok, first some general information on my background, the grow, etc.

I'm an old hippie from the late 60s-early 70s and smoked my first J on my 21st birthday. As a b-day present, my friend set everything up and guided me along. I vividly remember getting lost in The Doors first album, playing with cornstarch and water, chocolate chip cookies and fudge brownies! A few years later I did my first grow. It was pretty crappy weed, but I managed to sell enough to by some good stuff and pay for my last year in college.

Marriage, kids and a career in public education put the damper on consuming so I basically gave it up. Forty years later, medical issues brought me back (I live in a Medical State). This grow will be my 15th since obtaining my medical card.

Early on I was fortunate to have discovered Doc Bud's High Brix Method (DOC BUD's HIGH BRIX BLEND) and haven't looked back. If you are not familiar with the high brix method I suggest you check it out.

Here's my setup:
• 10' x 12' x 7'3" grow room in the basement
• Dorm Grow and Fluence.Science lights
• Sentinel Environmental Controller, various fans - intake, exhaust and room circulation, humidifer/dehumidifier, charcoal filters, CO2, small space heater. No AC.
• Soilless medium - Pro-Mix HP, Earthworm castings, Doc Bud's soil amendments
• 1 gallon plastic for veg, 7 gallon plastic for flower
• Doc Bud's High Brix line of nutrients.
• LaCrosse Technology's Temperature and Humidity Monitoring and Alert System with Dry Temperature Probe for remote monitoring of grow room temp and humidity.
• Foscam ip camera for remote viewing of grow room
• 3' x 3' grow tent - used for drying
• 12 cu ft mini fridge used primarily for the Lo and Slo method of drying buds

The Grow:
• 4 Maui Wowie seeds from each breeder: Pua Mana Ohana and Big Island Genetics
• 2 Harlequin CBD from Elev8 seeds
• 2 Northern Lights 5 from I Love Growing Marijuana
(the focus of this journal will, of course, be on the Maui Wowie)

Seeds were first sterilized - soaked in a 50/50 mix of water and Hydrogen Peroxide for 3 hours to kill any unwanted hitchhikers. They were rinsed thoroughly with distilled water and placed in fresh distilled water for approximately 10 hours. After that they were placed between moist paper towels sandwiched between two plates. The following morning three MW and one Harlequin had sprouted.

Before planting, I fill a one gallon pot 3/4 full of my grow medium. I soaked this soil with a 1/4 dose of Doc Bud's Transplant product. It takes about a pint of liquid to saturate the medium. Pouring from the top causes the soil to compact down. I then (re) fill the pot to the top with dry soil (Pro-mix) - about 3", poke a hole about 3/4" deep and drop in the sprouted seed. I cover the seed loosely and let it be. As the soil dries, I'll add a tablespoon or two of plain water over the planted seed. I've found that with the lower soil being quite moist the root will quickly grow down into it and I won't need to water it much and risk overwatering and/or rotting the stem. Once I get a set of true leaves, I'll drip 2-4 oz of water in a circle about 3" away from the stem as the top soil dries out. The pots then go under the lights on a 18-6 schedule.

A few more seeds have sprouted in the paper towels, so I'm off to plant them. Here's a pic of the main event. More to come soon.
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Another famous sativa! Never had any of it myself ... :51:

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I have some beans from Nirvana but I have no experience with MW so they could be legit or fake and I wouldn't know any different.


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I will be in the corner watching. Should be interesting!
Hay I'm over in the corner too with some beer and popcorn you bring the bud and we will have a little party and throw paper wads at the teacher when they come in :popcorn:


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Hay I'm over in the corner too with some beer and popcorn you bring the bud and we will have a little party and throw paper wads at the teacher when they come in :popcorn:
Sounds like a plan. I will eat popcorn with you. Let you drink on your own though. What do you want to smoke? I have some nice Grape Marmalade or some Killer A5 you can try!
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