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Maxbloom: Is LED Grow Light Useful Or Not?


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For growing the medical plants indoor, in the past, most of the people use HPS, HID or some other lights, now the LED lights has been proved the most effective and energy-saving products. :thumb::thumb:

But there are some people still thinking if the LED lights really useful ? Also hesitant to choose which led grow light for their plants, hope this will help you know more about LED grow lights for the plants Is LED Grow Light useful or not ? – eGrowLight , and if you want to try led grow light, we also can help Promotion Sale – eGrowLight (use coupon code egrowm0 to get 3% discount). :welcome::welcome:




irie lion

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Hey @MaxBloom, i have not heard of your lights but they look great and i'll be sure to look into them! :ganjamon:
Thanks for the link - i am still growing under HPS and am yet to make the change to LED.
Some nice setups in your pics posted! :bravo:
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