This red dwarf Autoflower is about 16 days old underneath the maxbloom X4 Plus LED so far the plant has had vigorous growth and seems to love the LED I highly recommend this led for new Growers and experienced Growers alike there is growth happening daily the veg knob is on 100% now and it's looking like the sky's the limit pistils are showing so I'd say in a week or so she should start to preflower then I will turn on the bloom knob and see what this light really brings to the table during flower can't wait follow along as my grow unfolds!
Tent: triangle vivosun tent
Led: maxbloom x4plus
Cycle: veg
Flowering: automatic
Medium: cocoloco
Feeding: 2x week
Nutrients: bud bread cold war organics
Ph: 6.5 - 6.8
24hr light cycle!


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Amadeus Forzin

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