Maxbloom x4 Plus Red Dwarf Auto Grow


My maxbloom x4plus is doing a phenomenal job the plant is thriving and has explosive growth in full flower mode now and light is at full power! Full steam ahead until harvest day! 45 days from seed couldnt be happier with hows shes doing. Had to buy her her own 4x4 she got so big out grew the previous triangle tent.
Light: Maxbloom x4plus
Genetics: Red dwarf bred by buddah seeds
Medium: cocoloco
Light schedule: 24hr
Nutrients: coldwar organics bud bread,mammoth p, fishshit, calmag
Ph: 5.8 - 6.2
Pot size: 5 gal
Temps 75°- 82°
Tent size: 4x4 vivosun


Amadeus Forzin

Plant of the Month October 2016 & Member of the Month November 2015
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