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Maximizing quality and quantity in this space


Working with a 800 x 400 x 1800 approx (2.5ftx1.5ftx6ft) grow space looking to squeeze in 6 AUTOS hopefully using LST AND SOG ???

Anyway I have a 4 inch carbon filter Outlet

Where should I position outlet on roof of cabinet or side Wall near roof ?

As for intake I was told that enough passive air would be ok for this size
on the other hand I am a begginer but plan to ace this so I was thinking even though it's a small setup.
is it a good idea to pump carbon in through inlet and scrap the passive air intake ?
Do i need to pump carbon in ?

What's the best way to go about this for quality and yields ?
Choosing the right pot size and type?
it is relatively warmer than average here in tropicle to warm conditions where I live most of the year

Also one more question

With work and research what shape plants would be best fit for this space I want 6 (due to needs) but if it's worth doing only 4 I'm willing to aswell
Would tall thin shaped plants suit best for grow shape to fit 6 autos?


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6 plant in that size of tent is way too much 2 should be good in 3 gallon fabric pot. Install your fan and carbon filter inside your tent on the top of the tent and vent it on the top side open a vent on the bottom to bring fesh air. What kind of light are you using ?


I'm using a shitty grow light but it's near top shelf from these guys anyway it's a
Mars hydro epistar 2 400w

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You could, but its going to be a super tight squeeze. I have a 3ft x 3ft x 6ft tent and can fit 4 3gal pots tightly. With a sativa you may only be able to fit 1 in a tent that size because they get huge in flower.


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Imo that's way too many in that space. You may have issues with mold due to the plants being overcrowded and blocking proper air flow. Sativa's can grow especially tall sometimes too. So trying to control canopy height maybe an issue as well. I'd stick with 2 in 3 gallon pots. Trust me you'll be happy with it

Orlando Scout

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Autoflowering strains or normal photoperiod ?
I normally grow photos but this round I have 3 photos and 1 auto, but that really doesnt make a huge difference. My auto is just as big as my photos.

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Just do it, you seem to have it all figured out even though you don't get the answers you want....lol

Just do it and see what happens
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