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Maxxis Auto Grow Journal - 2014


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Hello & Welcome
Hey all hows it going? So some of you may have seen me around a while ago as Maxximilian, Due to me not being able to figure out why i cant post anything or get proper access to my account I have made a new one. So with out further postpones to the details. Again growing for personal consumption, this time in a new smaller tent 80x80x120cm with one of TOPLEDs lights "Reflector LED Grow Light 48x3w" and we are going with 4 Auto clones that I wanted to give a go from the store down the road.

What strains?
[Auto] White Widow, AK47, Amnesia
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?
All Hybrids Clearly :)
Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
They are heading into flowering now :thumb:
Indoor or outdoor?
Soil or Hydro?
Coco mixed with Soil mix
If soil... What size pot?
I think their 12L
Size of light?
48x3w / Draw Power:80-100W
Is it aircooled?
A fan for air movement within the tent and a carbon filler sucking air out of the tent and drawing air in from the tents openings.
Temp of Room/cab?
Between 19C - 30C on hot summer days
RH of Room/cab?
Between 30% and 60%
Any Pests ?
Nope, caught 2 lady bugs and their in there making sure nothing will go wrong
How often are you watering?
Depending on needs of the plants
Type and strength of ferts used?
Using Advanced Nutes self-ph balancing

Here are some Pics of the girls, before and after some LST enjoy:








Also just wanted to give a shout out to some of the people that helped me in the past and that i cant remember from this awesome community: BigIrishDoode, Spimp, Alex, Jaga, Flower Child, I know there are more of you but damn its been a while and it doesnt make it easy being backed haha but thanks again everyone and hope to see you around soon
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Also any Comments regarding optimization of increasing yield and maximizing anything is always welcome as I love learning new things that can help with growth and maximizing potential increases. Moreover, its always welcome by me to talk about random things or related interests here of new growing techniques, music, vids, whichever, all is good by me.

Regarding the ladies they have received their first batch of nutes on the 21st each plant gets roughly 1 liter of water I might be upping it a bit more as it does not seem to be coming out of the bottom of the pots so my concern is that its not fully saturating the soil. Regarding the soil its about 4-5 parts coco and 2-3 parts soil mix both from Plagron.

Another Topic I wanted to get started was this. I am wanting to get another Potject going right after this one intime for harvest for my birthday in late November. My rough calculations and not knowing exactly how far along the autos were as clones and averaging flowering time puts it at latest September 14th (this will be the last day I harvest). So that is 70 days to grow some dank bud and have some of it dried in time for bday. I was thinking of going to smart pots again and maybe 2 or 3 plants depending on what strain. I would love some suggestions on maybe some autos or any other ideas you guys might have to suggest. I had maybe another idea of maybe asking one of the local stores that do clones if they could have one or two kept in the back for me and to eventually pick it up a bit later with some size behind it. I would have to ask as their is one couple that ones a store and their really nice down to earth people with some pretty interesting strains that im willing to give a shot. Will upload a list once I get back there to see what they have.



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I would recommend some Northern Lights X Big Bud Auto. Pretty good yield and nice smoke. Barney's pineapple express also looks very nice. Do you have a preference of sativa vs indica?

So glad your back Max.


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I can't follow all my friends journals as well as I could, but I will try to keep up in your new "yard", Max :thumb:

I brought you a :welcome: back fatty :blunt: I like your first paragraph, you gotta meet Mr Squiryl (he'll find you)

I don't even have to ask, I would assume you ran with :adore: Rico, too. gotta love this place :circle-of-love:


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Hey guys much thanks for the love.

@ Spimp Actually I have grown NL X BB and it is a nice smoke thing is last grow the damn 250w cfl broke 3 weeks early or maybe 2 and yeah it was a shame the lemon haze, nlx bb, super skunk were all a bit far from ripe but hey what are you going to do haha. So now with the led I hope there will be no more issues. Pineapple express i have not looked into much but i may consider it. I am leaning more to Sativas, I really love cerebral highs with an undertone of a indica body stone. And from a lot of the reading its looking like Jack Herer or Blue Dream. I definatly like the sound of the blue dream thats for sure, with the blueberry undertone and sweetness mmm goodness.

@ Trichomes thanks for stopping by ive actually seen your grow aswell with the fluxx going on its sick i really want to try that one of these days. In regards to Rico yeah I guess you could say i ran with the guy too when i was starting up along with Spimp :thumb:

@ ButADream Thanks for stopping by and thanks for subbing :D

I'm going to head to one of the stores they sell clones at and see if I recall correctly in them having Blue Dream clones, if so im going to ask them to veg 2/keep 2 off the shelf for me for a few additional weeks at extra charge, seeing as i dont have a second tent and cant do anything whilst these girls are in there doing their thing. Also if that works with the Blue Dream then I think I will be doing a reveg with one of the plants and do a full tent Scrog as ive been dying to give that a go for some time now.

Im out good night



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Hey all, So I decided to flip the switch today as the girls for sure are flowering so the lights got both switches on and cracking out some light. Here are some update pics of how they are today.

24th July





@Spimp Looks like I might really be making the move to a Blue Dream grow or two :)


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Hey so you guys got any suggestions as to what I could be doing to make these ladies pop or everything looking good?


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Yeah I am doing the co2 Soda jug changing it every 3 days :)

Do you think i should be watering them more than a liter?


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Honestly, looking at those leaves you seem to have it nailed so far. Nice and perky with no waves or bumps. :thumb: If you decide to up the amount, go an extra day first and let them girls get nice and dry then hit them with the extra juice. :)
How's the temps inside the tent with the LED? No issue?


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Honestly, looking at those leaves you seem to have it nailed so far. Nice and perky with no waves or bumps. :thumb: If you decide to up the amount, go an extra day first and let them girls get nice and dry then hit them with the extra juice. :)
How's the temps inside the tent with the LED? No issue?

Okay cool awesome to hear. Yeah I'll do that once they get tried out, as mentioned last watered on the 21st so lets see how the soil goes. As for the temps with the LED i would say they are much better then they would be with any HPS or MH even the 250CFL was getting hot early in the summer. During the day its sitting at around 28C but I am not entirely sure how accurate the gauge is. But thats when the sun comes over to my side and starts to shine in and heat up the room. Thinking of making a DIY cooler and have that run in through the tent during the afternoon. In such a small tent it should cool quite a bit with enough cooling packs. But they seem to like the temp in there so I am not too worried.

Thanks for the input Spimp :thumb:


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Your Welcome Friend. :high-five:
Your always welcome to use the Ghetto Temperature device aka Frozen soda jug to cool off in the afternoons. :) Usually lasts a couple hours at least so that may help while you DIY the cooler.


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Yeah ill give that ago before i make a decision to spend cash

Ghettoness has its advantages I guess haha


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Interesting i will follow along and see what happens ;)

your girls are looking really healthy i bet they will turn out to be killas :bravo:

Thanks bud, and welcome to the grow :)


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Update 25.07:
Well Good Afternoon to you all. Got a little bit of an update, I was a bit confused as to which color was which strain so happily I can say we've got two white widow autos. Speaking of which I wanted to try topping but I failed after sometime there's some funny regrowth happening there, but it did put the growth in the back in over drive and has little buds now :D

Group Pic: [Autos]

[Ghetto cooling courtesy Spimp - Testing (28.5C current Temp]



White Widow 1:

White Widow 2 - Topping Fail/Regrowth & Baby Buds:






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looking,,,, good, what is that "debris" on the shade leaves? for a minute,:hmmmm: i thought they were bugs? :thumb:

keep it green:high-five:

Hey trichomes buddy, Yeah i think you may be referring to little droplets of water.

Also guys i was thinking seeing as these girls are autos i could in theory towards the end of the grow start the seedlings in some 2L bottles and then when the autos come down to re pot. Any thoughts on this? Thing I am thinking about is this. The tent is the only place i have to grow and dry so i was thinking of raising the grow like 20-30cm up and dry the buds below whilst the new ladies grow up above.

Secondly I had a question regarding Flushing a plant that you cant move out of the tent, how do you guys go about this, or would you if you were presented with this problem?

Thanks in advance for diy gimmicks and such :surf::ganjamon:
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