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May be some sugestions

Blue Sky

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I am looking for some suggestions with my ailments. A little history- I was a frequent user in my youth, Way more recreational than medical, Or maybe not. I stopped using when I joined the military and only smoked a couple of times in 10 years. When i became a civi I started my own co. I just didn't have the time to be out of it. After several medical problems- Hart, lower back, arthritis and several failed surgery on my wrist. I have been bombarded with the normal pain management solutions. I still smoke from time to time but end up very uptight or paranoid. It seems that when the pain is the worst is in the morning so a wake and bake isn't an option. Too many people count on me for their living so i must have it together. When I discus this with my FD they just say I'm getting older. Well NO SHIT! I'm sick of all the pain meds that leave me feeling worse when they ware off. I also live in a state that still lives with its head up their ass and their hand in your pocket. I really could use some advice on MM. Thanks in advance cause i know your a great and helpful group!

Blue Sky

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I hope this post isn't in the wrong place. If it is please forgive and remove.

Scott Wheelman

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The best for pain is a nice heavy indica...however considering your need for daytime focus, consider a nice hybrid. The sativa side will balance out the indica portion for grogginess and yet still allow for pain relief.

Another option is to consider a topical cream (I like "Canna-Bliss" topical analgesic). There is also currently research and exploration of strains of Cannabis that provide pain relief without the "high."

Personally, I learned to deal with the "high" to make my days easier, as a patient that got off several addictive and liver destroying pharmaceuticals. I actually found a strong sativa or sativa dom. hybrid helpful for my highly technical work.

Just my $0.02 :439:

:peace: and :Namaste:
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Blue Sky

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Thanks a bunch, I will do my homework from here. Your advice will help in my search.
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