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May Vape Spotlight - What's New At VaporStore?


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Hey it’s a new month, and that means new products at VaporStore. Check out what we’ve got on deck for May, and make sure to keep an eye on our website and here for sneak peaks at the next generation of vaporizers.

Boundless Terra Vaporizer - $219.99

Boundless has given us a versatile vape (it comes with a handy water pipe adapter) that might just be able to replace your whole vaporizer arsenal (vape-senal..? No? I didn’t think it would work either.). You wouldn’t know it at first glance, but the Tera houses two 18650 batteries, meaning you will never be left wanting for more power.

The Tera boasts TWO heating methods: the convection heating works with an aluminum heat sink chamber that adds the perfect amount of conduction into your herb mix. With an easily-visible LED display directly on top of the Tera, and vibrational feedback to let you know when the time is right, setting your vaporizer’s temperature has never been easier. The Tera is here, and it’s ready to work for you.

AirVape X Vaporizer - $179.00

Oh, what a vape. The AirVape X is a chic, thin portable dry herb vape ready to go wherever you need it to. Compared to the AirVape Xs it has a 25% larger ceramic chamber housed in a smaller, pocket friendly design. Within this chamber is a hybrid-heating system that features both conduction and convection heating: the ceramic chamber heats the bowl, while hot air moves in to cover each millimeter of your herb. Don’t let the size fool you, the AirVape X is a big dawg vape.

Arizer Argo Vaporizer - $269.99

From the complex minds at Arizer comes the ArGo: a palm-sized dry herb vape that utilizes a borosilicate glass aroma tube to deliver flavor rich hits anywhere. With its convection heating and pre-load capabilities the ArGo does a whole lot given its petitness. You’re able to customize your vaping sessions using Arizer’s bright and clear OLED display and easy-to-use control interface to get to your preferred temperature setting (anywhere from 112°F to 428°F). High performance, power, and a pocket friendly design make the ArGo one of the most exciting new dry herb vaporizers out.

Vivant DaBox Vaporizer - $59.99

Please, PLEASE don’t flip out after you’ve seen this vape. Terrible puns aside, this wax vape is no joke. The unique “Flip Door” helps to streamline your loading process: rather than making users unscrew their mouthpiece to load, the Dabox simply clicks open to reveal its interchangeable atomizer. Utilizing a glass chamber and mouthpiece, the Dabox cools your vapor before it is inhaled, preserving all the essential aromas, medicinal compounds, and flavors of your concentrate. Charging your Dabox is a breeze as well: with 2 Amps the Dabox can go from dead to a full charge in just ONE HOUR of charging. If you’re just dipping your toe into the vapor pool, the Vivant Dabox is a great vape to make a splash with.

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Another product to note which is soooooo coool...!

This thing will grind and roll them for you!

banana bros OTTO Grinder.

The OTTO™ by banana bros.™ is the first ever all-in-one smart electric grinder and rolling machine, capable of finely grinding your dry herb and rolling the perfect cone in mere seconds. Boasting patented SMART technology, the OTTO grinder senses the consistency of its contents and automatically adjusts its movement to deliver the perfect grind. This hybrid automatic grinder and rolling machine comes with 20 all-natural hand-rolled cones featuring wider lips for efficient filling and a slow burn. A fresh seal cone tube contains odors and delivers even and spill-free filling. Combining the speed of an electric grinder with the efficiency of an automatic roller, the OTTO allows you to mill and fill your dry herb at the touch of a button.
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