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Maybe free clinics would be the answer


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Drug companies do it all the time give their stuff away for good will. Medical MJ for those in need. :peace:

HB Rob

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Most of those free giveaways are marketing for the parent company. That said, if you can create an incentive they will come.


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I guess if you just gave it away you'd be cutting out the third party the u.s. government.

JJ Bones

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There will always be a market for it, monetary wise.

However I also believe there will always be easy ways to get it for free...in the future of legalization.

I mean think about it, some people get free beer, free vegetables from neighbors etc.

However the future for the freebies searches is to grow their own via free cuttings they get. Teach a man to fish etc.


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The only problem is that it does cost something to grow good meds. Unless you are a Philanthropist who has time and all that money on their hands. Oh how I wish...
Imagine a Gymnasium sized growing operation. Talk about some serious manicuring.


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If it was free the only thing it couldn't cure would be the munchies !!! :peace:


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There are shops in Cali that offer free meds to those in need with little to no cash to spare. I'm sure you need to furnish some kind of proof of need or lack of cash.


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I'm a member of a collective in California. Its called WAMM. The Wo/Mans Alliance for Medical Marijauna. Up until a few years ago they where only allowed to grow for Terminally ill patients. Now they provide pot at about 5$ a gram. Capsules (THC (Indica and Sativa) and CBD!) They also provide tinctures and edibles.

They only carry two Strains, There heirloom African Land Race and There Purple Indica from Afghanistan. Both brought over about 40 years ago.

There medicine is great. I always go in when I run out and am low on cash. I also get CBD capsules from them constantly (as other capsules are much much more expensive, I take 3 a day).

Not completely free, but much more reasonable and not nearly as commercial. They operate under different standards almost, as they existed BEFORE! Prop 215 and 420.


Sometimes when I bake I give part of it to a collective I go to once in a while for their compassion jar - they know the community and I know it helps someone that can't afford it. I think it's the best way, sometimes I'll just give some away too. Sort of like Capt. Kronic, I like to share.... Maybe the feeling of wanting to share is what is so scary -- humans are supposed to run on greed and avarice, not giving stuff away.


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I give away good outdoor bud to collectives for free every year. Good karma collective in lucern useally gets it. This year i will give it to wellness center in sf. Next week i drop it off, friday. Aromatic Hemp Collective is my company name. Strains are crosses, so please leave me info about yur impressions.
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