Mayne's Girl Scout Cookie Grow


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Hey people, may aswell start up a 4/20 grow, been awhile. And seems there is a Girl Scout Cookie Fever going around, thought Id throw mine down, lol..

3 West Coast GSC bag seeds,
Soil is Strawberry fields,
Calmag, and Megacrop if needed,
Lights are Viperspectra 2XP1500
2x4 tent.
Using InkBird Temp/Humidity control,

These cracked soil on April 12th. Mix i use for my seeds is a 3 part coco, 1 part strawberry fields, and fill solo cup 1/2 full. After 2 days of breaking soil, Fill cup half way up stalk. Once first true leaves separate from cyclodinaianns, i top off cup.

I start my ferns 12/12 light cycle, top the 3rd node. Once they show sex, I pull males, and transplant females, and flip to 18/6

ok, dont want to ruin the show, lol..

Seeds- 7 days, 200 par, 14 days, 250 par, every 7 days, i raise by 50 par. so by week 4, i will be around 400 PAR, and run that till flip. Never grow these so time will tell on when im flipping.

OK, lets see what happens, thanks for lookin in!



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update, well, far red GrowMau5 Puke came on for 4 hours ( half way thru night cycle ) last night i discovered today. so, that will be interesting, hopefully it didnt disrupt sleep. They were praying tho, lol, first thing lights came on, so might be good or bad, idk, .. I hooked up my lights and stuff and forgot to double check the puke timer, smh.

topping tomorrow, day 10.

Dunked cups today into 200 PPM megacrop to get coco/soil wet, so dont over water topsoil.

Par at 260ish, measured with my hacked hydrofarm lux meter i calibrated to ViparSpectra Light Series. works perfectly. I will post the ingredients to make your own later maybe, for those that might want to do it. Its pretty intensive tho.

I also have a air meter, seems to be on point. Might do a DYI co2, probably not tho, lol..

OK, thanks for lookin in, cheers





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Hi, update time. Day 20 from seed crack,.. I made my own attempt at Ocotpot style. Dont think the slots in the net cup i made is big enough, not to much wicking that i can tell yet, so I am still going to watering it. I have a digital moisture meter in the pot so i can monitor it, and kinda cut out the guessing game to if its wicking properly. but 5 days later, not much seemed to get wicked. See what happens but still going to treat as a potted soil plant till i see roots out the bottom. I know eventually they will.

So, day 20. I topped at day 10, and again day 20 ( today ) They are still in 12/12 till first sign of flower.
Solo cup plant is in beast mode, was first up and crushing. I think she a female. I should know in next 2-3 days.
They are getting 330ish par.

They might seem small, and expected with flower cycle time, and topping them. Once i flip to 18-6, they grow extremely fast.

ok, thanks for looking






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Looking great mate! Will follow along your journey and maybe learn something. Im quite Interested about topping as I haven't really done it before. Good luck mate:nomo:
thanks Bro, have a seat. I try to top every 10 days,.. or as soon as i can fit the scissors to get a good cut, lol. I personally think the plant takes on a totally different fast growth pattern when it gets flipped to 18 hours or a " reveg". Youll see what i mean hopefully, .. I also think that when I flip back to flower, its a much faster transition.


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Hey, Update time

All girls, 2 confirmed, 1 maybeeeee, kinda,
Ditched the resivor, took to much room,
Transplanted biggest into 3 gallon with 3 part coco, 1 part ProMix, 3 tbls of cinnamon
Coco was rinsed and soaked in 250ppm calmag for 18 hours prior to mixing with Promix.

Topping tonight when lights go out and Far red knocks them chicks out for the night. Im wondering what kinda sleep cutting they will take. Maybe if they sleepin, it wont hurt them, less shock,,LOL.......................................

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The small 2, were slow from day 5 pretty much. everything was the same pretty much, they just always lagged. They are justtt starting to ramp up now tho, alsmost doubled in size in 2 days. Going to 18/6 for 14 days, then flip back to 12/12 to finish off.
Feeding is Megacrop,


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day 27.
Doing an experiment, I have 1 plant getting 1000PAR, and the other 2 are getting what i would usually give them at this time.




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Hey, update. Day 43

SOooo, things seem ok so far. Dont think im going to be topping anymore, and let these veg for another 2 weeks.

Check out the roots with the "octofake" pot attempt, lol.. They dont even get water, just runoff, spray every other day or 2 with recharge, and like 1 inch worth in the bottom of the container its sitting on, ( 1 gallon flower pot under them ALL ) Was going to just cut them off, Id imagine it would cause some sort of problem tho maybe? In 6 weeks they are either going to rot off and stink, or just fill the entire bottom pot up,.. Maybe i should just fill the bottom pot with soil? I have cocoloco again now, its my favorite, but wanted to see what strawberry fields does. Maybe Strawberry fields treat like a Supersoil, and just put in the bottom of the plants and the rest cocoloco.

anyways, things are rolling along.





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ok, flipped tonight. day 49-50.. Not happy with them. WAYYY under feed. I thought the strawberry fields would support more then it did. So they basically lived off 1/3 nutes and over calmag, LOL, double what i should of givin them, and, it evidently didnt harm them. So, they basically just started good nute ratios 2 days ago.. Cocoloco plants would of been double i feel. anyways, these wont be all that bad. Will scrog in 4-5 days. I want the stretch, then i will tuck under scrogg and keep tucking till day 11-12 days of flower, or till i run out of room, which i think i will.

Far left is straight coco, middle is 3/1 coco-strawberry fields. far right is the octo attempt plant. I think will have the biggest flowers also. Even tho it was under feed, she is hardy-ish.

about 20 tops each plant,

ok, thanks for lookin

Pretty cool wallpaper last pic, lol.






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