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Mayor Moves To Limit Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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Chicago - Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Ald. Edward Burke introduced a plan Tuesday to limit where medical marijuana dispensaries and growing operations can set up shop in the city after the drug becomes legal Jan. 1. The proposal would require special use permits from the Zoning Board of Appeals, limit locations to manufacturing districts and establish minimum parking requirements.

"We regulate everything from liquor licenses to how many residences may be built above a certain height, so it makes sense to give Chicago residents some control over where these types of operations can be located," said Burke.


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Source: Chicagotribune.com
Author: John Bryne
Contact: Chicago Tribune contacts - chicagotribune.com
Website: Mayor moves to limit medical marijuana dispensaries - chicagotribune.com


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All across the globe politicians fearful of appearing 'weak' on crime, and thus setting themselves up to be vulnerable in the next election to the right-wing conservatism that plagued our globe from 1952 - 2008 are missing the boat.

Fearful of 'yesterday', they fail to observe the 'future'.

And, that 'future' is the repeal of #cannabuds on a global basis, both FEDERALLY and at the STATE and PROVINCIAL levels of government.

NO tea-party libertarian...let me repeat that...NO tea-party libertarian is going to stand in the way of citizens' constitutional right to grow #cannabuds in the comfort of their own home or greenhouse.

NO socially conservative Republican...let me repeat that...NO socially conservative Republican can muster an ounce of support outside of their gated, walled-off, W.A.S.P. political fiefdoms in America.

Forever shackled to a progressively diminishing 'base' of yesterday's voters, nothing short of a #progressive Teddy Roosevelt style candidate will ever...let me repeat that...will EVER excite the core independent block of voters at the center of EVERY national election for eons past in favor of the Republicans going forward.

Super-liberal Democrats, and Ultra right-wing conservative Republicans cannot...let me repeat that...CANNOT ever win another national election in America without the support of that core independent, 2nd amendment loving block of voters known as our 'conservative center'.

Which way the pendulum is swinging going into the 2014 mid-term elections set for November of the New Year is not an issue at this stage of the process.

The $64 question is..."What will voter TURN OUT be, in a traditionally weak non-presidential election year?"

Watch for the fringes to attempt to toss in 'political grenades' right down the center of the electorate in an effort to thwart the advance of the #MedMj movement.

From the left, beholden to 'Big Pharma' and scared to death over the 'disintermediation' of profits, and from the right...because that is what they do best...attempt to control the minds of the electorate out of fear.

Be strong, be brave, be smart...pip'le!

Ride the comet's tail.

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