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Mazar Kush! MacGyver's Second 200WCFL - Homemade Tent Grow!


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World of Seeds Feminised Legend Collection Mazar Kush

Bank: World of Seeds Bank
Sex: Female: Pure Afghan Kush
Stabilised male hybrid: New Mazar Line
Way of cropping: Outdoor/indoor
Genotype: 100% Indica
Harvest time: 8 weeks indoors / middle of October outdoor
Yield: 400-450 gr/m2 indoor/ 400-550 per plant outdoor
Medicinal value: High.
THC Level: >20%
Mazar Kush medicinal value is great due to it's very high THC level.

Here is what I will be growing this time around...I'll do 2 plants. Germinating as we speak. I am very excited to grow this plant! I've been wanting to grow a true indica! :yummy:
Not too much known about it really...other than it can grow like a beast, it's seriously potent and it is 100% Indica. My shop here didn't have a whole lot of info on it and I couldn't find a whole lot on the web either...so...:roorrip:

So here are the specs and such....

1 ) Soil-Sterilized soil-based compost mixed with sand and coco fiber.
2 ) Lights-1x200W 6400K CFL for Veg. / 1x200W 2700K CFL for Flower.
3 ) Nutrients (fertilizer)-BabyBio(for herbs) for seedling / CannaTerraVega for Veg / CannaTerraFlores for flower.
4 ) Space- (Homemade) Tent grow using special reflective material used for radiation of heat.
5 ) How many? - 2 Plants.
6 ) Lighting cycles - 18/6 for veg and 12/12 for flower.

Hope you'll join me for another successful MacGyver grow?!!:MoreNutes:



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Re: Mazar Kush! MacGyver's Second 200WCFL (Homemade) Tent Grow!


Tent Temp: 78F
Humidity : 47%
Soil pH : 6.7
Feeding Schedule: 31/05/11 5 drops BabyBio/1Ltr water. 10/06/11 5 drops BabyBio/1 Ltr. water.

Observation: 13 day old seedlings. Growing at a good pace, keeping them at 6" from the bulb. One of the plants has grown a conjoined leaf. I believe this is due to the instability of the strain at seedling...this should correct itself now as all new leaves are normal.


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