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hi every , hope you all doin well , lm still curing in jars with some amazing buds from last harvest. was very happy with the results for the size and effort and budget, also the fact of using bag seeds. the smoke is amazing. organic as expected! pics and more on prev journal!
was a bit busy recently so it took some time to post this grow progress but here we go.
i`ll use this tent for flowering for the last time and hope to upgrade to a bigger blooming tent , instead
i will use it as a mother veg tent , keeping my good genetics mothers for clones.
this time upgraded from 11 liters plastic pots to 25liter fabric smart pots , also did some changes with the drainage of water to keep things more practical.
bought some feminized seeds by barneys farm and green house seeds , technique will be mostly SCROG with a little bit of LST.

hope to see more people around this time!


Tent - secret jardin hydroshot80 | 80x80x160cm
Bucket Size - 25liter smart pots
Medium - allmix soil 70% 30 % perlite.
Lights - (1) 600w magnetic ballast, 600w greenlux dual spectrum spectraMAX .
Cooling - 5" prima klima cooltube , 5" ducting
sungrip rachet hangers x2
Ventilation -8 inch monkey clip fan , 6 inch monkey clip fan , vents 150d 5 inch(280cfm) , soler&palau 125td (360cfm max)
Odor - prima klima 260 cfm carbon filter
others - HM digital PH80 meter , GHE up and down.
Nutrients - bio bizz grow,bloom,topmax till mid flower. late stage added heaven , activera and algamic , ATAMI Calmag

Strain(s) -

Orange Sherbert barney's farm - Orange Cream x Purple Urkle x Cherry Pie

1 Pink kush barney's farm - Og kush hybrid

2 Moby dick by greenhouse seeds nl - Haze x White Widow

# of Plants: 4

Indoor or outdoor? indoor

Soil or Hydro? soil

If soil... what is in your mix? potting mix, perlite, and vermiculite
If soil... What size pot? 25liter
Size of light? 600W 5inch cooltube HPS bulb.
Is it aircooled? no , cooltubed.
Temp of Room/cab? between 20c to 25.5c running , temps about 18c to 20c at night.
RH of Room/cab? 40-60
PH of media or res? 6.2ph to 6.8ph tap water
Any Pests ? keepin eye on this
Type and strength of ferts used? bio bizz products and atami calmag , self schedule

Cleaning and preparing

Germination 1.3.19 - pink kush and orange sherbet sprouted perfectly with no problems.

moby dicks struggling to take of seeds , had to help them with a niddle to hurry this up.

this will be noticeable difference between GHS and the barneys because of that.

Veg week 1 - 4.3.19 veg day 1

nothing special , only thing day 4 was too much air flow on the seedlings so i gave them a little support.

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Veg week 5 - 1.4 to 8.4

more training , more feed , more stretch. the screen is full of colas think i will flip by the weekend or so.
gettin things ready for flowering , installed the carbon filter and did some Defoliation. still very bushy

veg week 5 day 29



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this is my feed menu for veggin , all calculated per 1 liter of water.
hope this will anyone out there

WEEK1 | 4ml root , 2ml heaven , 2ml acti , PH 6.8

WEEK2 | 2ml grow , 2ml heaven , 2ml acti , 1ml algamic , PH 6.8

WEEK3 | 2.5ml grow , 2ml heaven , 2ml acti , 1ml algamic , 0.5 calmag , PH 6.6

WEEK4 | 2.5ml grow , 2.5ml heaven , 2.5ml acti , 1ml algamic , 0.5 calmag , PH 6.5

WEEK5 | 3ml grow , 3ml heaven , 3ml acti , 1.5ml algamic , 0.5 calmag , PH 6.5

i`ll post more later today , stay tuned and medicated my friends!!!
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