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McCain: "I Still Would Not Support Medical Marijuana"

Jim Finnel

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Derry, NH (AHN) - Blunt-talking Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain campaigned hard in New Hampshire Sunday, amid reports of rising poll ratings and increasing campaign contributions.

McCain, 71, of Arizona, talked on a wide range of issues - including his age - during a 90-minute town hall meeting in Derry. If he were elected next year, he would become the oldest president to begin his first term.

McCain defended his physical stamina and ability to serve in office by saying that he might bring his 95-year-old mother along on the campaign trail with him to "display my genes," the Associated Press reports.

He displayed his Conservative values by telling a wheel chair bound Linda Macia of Manchester that he would not support the medical use of marijuana for pain management that she said she needed.

Manchester told McCain that she had taken many medications for pain from her neurological illness and only marijuana eased her pain, but she is unable to obtain a prescription because medical marijuana is not legal in New Hampshire, the Union Leader reported Monday.

"I still would not support medical marijuana because I don't think that the preponderance of medical opinion in America agrees with your assertion that it's the most effective way of treating pain," McCain was quoted as saying by the AP.

He also told the audience that younger generations stand to lose on Social Security if Washington politicians don't rein in spending.

Washington has gone from budget surpluses to budget deficits beginning with President George W. Bush's first year in office.

McCain said the solution was bipartisan cooperation and he also said that he would veto unfunded mandates if he becomes president.

When he ran for the White House in 2000, McCain won the New Hampshire primary before he ceded the presidential nomination to Bush.

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