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McDaniel Rejects Marijuana, Hemp Initiative

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LITTLE ROCK – Attorney General Dustin McDaniel today declined to certify a proposed ballot initiative calling for a study of hemp agriculture and medical marijuana.

McDaniel rejected the popular name and ballot title of the proposed initiative by the group Cannabis-Hemp Study Advocates, citing ambiguous language.

The initiative states that it would not legalize hemp or marijuana but would require a comprehensive study of the potential economic effect of an Arkansas hemp industry and the economic, medical and societal effects of regulated production and use of marijuana for medical and non-medical purposes.

The study would include trials and tests involving study participants aged 21 and older.

In an opinion issued today, McDaniel said that despite the claim that it would not legalize hemp or marijuana, the proposed initiative might be read as authorizing the cultivation of marijuana for consumption without the involvement of the organizations conducting the study.

He also said the initiative is ambiguous about who would conduct the study, who could participate and where initial funding would come from, and it fails to acknowledge that distribution of marijuana is illegal under federal law.

In April, McDaniel certified – after substituting new wording – the popular name and ballot title of a proposed initiated act that would make it legal to use and grow marijuana for medical use in Arkansas.

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