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Hello to you amazing 420ers. I've already learned a lot in my short time here. Time to put some of it into practice. This will be my first indoor grow (well 2nd if you count my failed attempt in 1997).

I apologise if this is all over the place. It's just how my brain works...

Here's where I'm at so far.

Pot Size - 7 gallon fabric
Medium - 80% coco, 15% perlite, 5% worm castings
Lights - 240W Chinese knockoff quantum boards
Tent - 4x4 Gorilla Grow (I only wanted a 2x4 but found this one cheap on Gumtree - I only plan to flower 2 plants and utilise a 2x4 footprint)
Nutrients - Manutec Nitro Plus, Manutec NK Plus, Manutec Organic Plus
Strain(s) - Dinachem
# of Plants: 2

I have placed an online order for some Hindu Kush from Sensi Seeds to be my first grow. However, a friend of a friend popped way too many Dinachem beans and didn't have space for them. So on 18 April I received 10 Dinachem beans already showing taproots. I have potted them all up in small plastic pots and will pick the best two to flower.

I've been following the "Quadlining" thread and I'm really keen on giving this method of training a try.

I plan on starting to feed the plants in a week or so and the nutrient side of things is where I'm a bit unsure on how to go about it. I was thinking I'd mix the nutes at the rates they have on the bottles and then water down the EC to the values @Cultivator has listed in his thread How to grow in Coco: Feed schedule

Please let me know if I have left out any vital information. I'll post some pics when they get their first true leaves.

I welcome any advice, recommendations, critisism. I have much to learn.
it was a bit of experimentation with nutes for me... definitely wasted more than 1 mix in those first few days :)

i kept the ratios between the ingredients the same as listed on the bottle, i just added less of them and recorded what the addition of each one did to the ph & ec along the way. got a feel for it pretty quickly

one thing ive found after mixing up a batch of nutes and letting it sit for a few days is that the ph gets out of whack pretty quickly

looking forward to the pics!
I'm going to call this end of week one. It's 1 week after receiving the cracked beans.

Not much happening here. I've fed them a weak (250ppm) nute solution twice this week. I plan on upping this to 500ppm over the next week.

I'm guessing that the growth for 1 week as to be expected. I've been reading great things about Great White Mycos and will try to get hold of some during the week. I'm trying to keep things as simple as I can for this grow.

We look to have had a casualty overnight. I found one of the pups laying over. Think it might be a goner.

Thanks for stopping by. Please let me know if I'm doing it wrong or can improve anything.



how far away is the light? the one laying over might have buckled when stretching for the light

Reckon they look a bit leggy?

I’ve got the light 700mm above them. I did have it backed off to about 70% but cranked it up full bore just now

This is the one laying over. Almost looks like damping off in the stem
Sofa so, so good. Have to get up and check the garden and walk the dogs though.
You can do this sort of thing with a weak one until she has the strength to hold her own head up..

You’re doing well.
I received 10 Dinachem beans already showing taproots
You have a good friend there.

too stoned to help proper, but - stuff looks a tad light starved at start and maybe a bit wet / suffocated ..

i really dunno with the poop .. looks like it surrounds the seedling and maybe it's roots .. coco needs to stay wet.. so sorta two things happening here ..

good news is green .. so no one is hungry. correct the light and media and you are good to go.

like mentioned get them deeper and they will catch. even the sideways gal. where there is green there is hope .. :cheesygrinsmiley:
Thanks for stopping by guys. I've taken all your advice on board.

Plant it deeper if the root is still attached, risky, but worth the reward if it takes again!
I have topped up the pots with coco where there was room. Even the ones that hadn't fallen over. Finger crossed...

You can do this sort of thing with a weak one until she has the strength to hold her own head up..
I've rigged up something like like this though the young girl is not looking well.

maybe a bit wet / suffocated ..
Yep. I stuffed up and planted into saturated coco. I think this causing the stems suffocate/rot as you suggested. I'll hold back on the water for a couple of days and hope that it dries out some.

You have a good friend there.
Yeah, I sure do owe him one:passitleft:

I've got fungus gnats! I spotted a couple of the little buggers this morning. I've had an additional two seedlings fall down overnight. It really looks like damping off in the stem. I read that fungus gnats can also carry the damping off fungus.

My plan of attack.

1. Yellow sticky traps - hang near seedlings

2. Neem oil - mix up and spray liberally throughout the tent? Is this a good idea? Should I do this just before lights out? Should I also spray the soil?

3. Diatomaceous Earth - thin layer covering the coco in each pot

4. Let pots dry out and never ever overwater them again

5. Increase air movement - I'm going to raise my pots a little because the tower fan I have doesn't blow much right down at floor level.

Am I on the right track here guys? Really appreciate your guidance

Edit: Another question... do you think it's worthwhile trying to repot them into a drier coco? Or just hold back the water for a few days and hope for the best?

Rib :Namaste:
Gnat? Nuts. Not great.
What is, though is this ^^
Your plan of attack is sound, sir.
Only 1.5 things to add: the DM is good because you are in plastic pots. This will keep killing them through a life cycle. If they are really bad I read how people use mosquito dunks on them for germ warfare.
And the 0.5? Don’t relax exactly, but calmly know you got this.
I’d hold off transplanting them except as a last resort.
We just have to get them past seedling stage where they’ll be a little more robust.
Let us know how you get on..
Thanks guys

Let us know how you get on..

So I was a bit medicated when I executed my plan and forgot to raise the pots into better airflow. In a warm bed now so thata job for first thing tomorrow.

I got the rest of the steps done though so fingers crossed I don’t have to do anything for a few days and it’s smooth sailing for the rest of the grow:p

I did give up on the girls with damaged stems though. I just couldn’t see them recovering. You can see where the stem has shrivelled up


So I’m down to the 6 most resilient girls. I was planning on keeping just 2 of the girls to flower and finding a home for the other survivors. The light is only a 240W Kingbrite LED. I am going to attempt to quadline and keep the canopy to a 2x4 footprint. My tent is a 4x4. Does this sound like a reasonable plan?

This is them after the DE and neem oil watering


figure out how they got in too and plug it up
I think I brought them or their larvae in with the wet coco. I had left it out in the open overnight before I potted the cracked beans.

It seemed much easier growing under the sun. I am becoming a better gardener though.

Thanks again
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