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Hey everyone Meat here and im a shinning noob with dreams of well idk. I got my beans from Crop King 300 watt led 5 gallon DWC 10 inch net GH 3 part ferts with a bottle of cal mag. Started the 23 of November ran two weeks without ferts. Dont have any past photos but will try to update from today forward. PPms as of today are 390. Changing the water tomorrow around 8 pm and going to try and up the ferts farter. I really dont have experience here but im pretty good with science and i have a good understanding of everything i "think". Anybody want to join in on my first time welcome any seasoned growers fell like piping in and pointing me in the right direction thanks in advance.
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The way i stated ferting was one teaspoon micro grow and bloow to 5 gallons for the first week put me at about 230-240 ppm. Changed it last week put two teaspoons per the five gallons gave me a ppm of 390. I also always have added one teaspoon of cal mag to the 5 gallons. Changing the water tommorow and am thinking of going with three teaspoons to the 5 gallons. I use distilled water 000-001 ppm and 5.5 -5.9 ph. If anyone has advice as if im ferting right or not chime in. Ill put another pick up tommorow. Thanks for Looking
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Here is a little update. Tonight was water change just finished up with that i upped the ferts to 610ppm at about 5.5-5.8 ph 66.8 degree and will see what she looks like in the morning. The old water started at 390 ppm was at 310 when changed also 6.0 ph of the old water. I use only distiled cause why not? lol Here is what she looks like tonight.
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Well she looks fine this morning seems to have liked the ferts going up humidity lvls are still low 20s its winter so im going tuesday to buy a humidifier to bump those numbers up hoping to hit 60s after that, atleast i think that is the goal humidity level im going to research alittle more and make sure fell free to advise me. Temps staying fine 75-77. Will put a pic up tonight after dark cycle.

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I haven't changed mine since I started three weeks ago and my plants are doing awesome. White Roots. Huge plants. Clear water. I think res changes aren't needed weekly myself. I will def change before flowering. Just my opinion though. Yours are looking great.

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@The Germinator im sure your right on this of the stuff ive read i think im the only person doing it every saturday. I do like the boost in growth i notice for a couple days following the change tho. Hey thanks for having a look anyways she is only one girl and my first attempt so learning experience this will be im sure but im ready for it and the ol lady is standing around with the bowls and rolling papers expecting some kind of result lol.