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Medi Pot Patients $10000 Candidate Challenge


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Two medical marijuana patients from New Hampshire, together with a marijuana policy reform organization, are offering a $10,000 donation to the republican presidential candidate who can answer a challenge to prove his claims regarding medical marijuana. The challenge will be announced at a Manchester press conference featuring a mobile billboard with images of the three candidates bearing 'Pinocchio noses'!

The Candidates on Medical Marijuana

According to 'New Yorker' Mayor Rudy Giuliani, "marijuana has no additive medical benefit of any kind". Which is clear and to the point.

Arizona Senator John McCain hits the same ball, but holds the bat a little different. "I believe that marijuana is a gateway drug. I do not support the use of marijuana for medical purposes... I believe there are other ways of relieving that pain and suffering....".

And if its at all possible, former Massechusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is even more forthright and to the point when he says, "I don't want medicinal marijuana; there are synthetic forms of marijuana that are available for people who need it for prescription."

They may share many political differences, but the three candidates agree to a man, marijuana has no medicinal use whatsoever. So its a big vote for the pharmaceutical solution from all three Republican candidates.

New Hampshire medical marijuana patients Clayton Holton and Linda Macia however, prefer a more 'natural' pain reliever and are in possession of state issued medical marijuana certificates.

For muscular dystrophy sufferer Clayton Holton its not the first time he's crossed swords with one of the candidates.

It was during a campaign stop in New Hampshire that Mr Holton asked Gov. Mitt Romney, "will you arrest me or my doctors if I get medical marijuana?" The answer, was concise and straight to the point. "I am not in favor of legalizing medical marijuana." Although the question of "arrest" was skillfully circumnavigated by Gov. Romney on this occasion.


According to the Marijuana Policy Project, which has had a staff member and volunteer team -- including Mr Holton and Ms Macia -- trailing the candidates in New Hamphshire, "It's time for the candidates to stop lying about medical marijuana."

MPP director of communications Bruce Mirken said "Giuliani, McCain, and Romney have ignored the scientific evidence our team has personally handed them. Since they won't listen to science, compassion, or simple common sense, we decided to speak a language all U.S. political candidates understand: Money."

Although to be honest, after seeing the poster campaign which will be unveiled on Monday 3rd December, I get the feeling that Linda Macia, Clayton Holton and the Marijuana Policy Project, think their money is safe.

Time will tell.

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