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Medical cannabis oil electronic cigarette? How to smoke cannabis oil without smoking? Vaping?


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Medical cannabis oil il electronic cigarette ? how to "smoke" cannabis oil without smoking ? vaping in ecig ?


I am sorry but I am new here and I hope that it is okay to post this message because I need help.
I use cannabis oil for medical purpose and found that smoking it has the fastest result, ut the problem, is that I don't like and don't want to smoke tobacco.
Can you tell me how I could get my cannabis oil drops without smoking ? Maybe I could use an electronic cigarette (ecig) ?
If you know what I can buy cheap on Aliexpress or any Chinese website to vape cannabis oil, it would help me greatly.
I cannot find any specific device to inhale cannabis oil without smoking, so maybe any electronic cigarette would do ?
Thank you so much for your help.
I hope to receive emails when somebody replies to help me.


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Hello and welcome. Yeah don't be mixing tobacco unless that's your thing I guess. Get a dab rig (Google it) or a dab pen. You can always just smoke it with bud as well. Plenty of apparatuses for vaping oil just google search for cannabis oil vapes or something along those lines and you'll find what you are looking for
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