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Medical Cannabis Show Coming To Las Vegas


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Medical Cannabis Advocates Launch Campaign For Television Series In Las Vegas

We invite you to join us on this incredible healing journey!

As Nevada prepares to engage in the medical cannabis industry, two Las Vegas-based medical cannabis advocates, Gage Jarvis and Jake Jarvis, are launching an unscripted reality television series to share the business, politics, science, and, most of all, the humanity of medical cannabis. The project is called Joint Venture, and the pair has launched a Crowd-Funding Campaign to raise awareness and support for the Las Vegas-based television series.

Gage and Jake have been licensed home-cultivators for years, and have personally witnessed the healing effects of medical cannabis. Gage developed an interest in healing medicines after suffering several injuries and Jake turned to medical cannabis for his own healing after being diagnosed with a litany of disorders. Through their personal experiences, they have learned how to grow their own cannabis, how to cook custom foods with cannabis and are now eager to share with others in need of healing.

"It's important that we show what medical cannabis is truly about - through the eyes of the people whose lives are better because of it and those who've made the healing possible — instead of some fake or 'Hollywood-ized' version of the movement," said Jake Jarvis.

They are going to film a one hour pilot and seven full episodes to bring the un-edited, raw and very real story of the cannabis movement to millions. The series will show the health benefits (including how it has transformed the lives of young ones with epilepsy), growing methods for different strains, ways to consume cannabis beyond the stereotypical portrayals, as well as the immense business and politics around the movement - all set in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas.

In addition, Gage and Jake, will be launching a full-fledged new media campaign to engage supporters and those interested in the project to host an ongoing conversation about the medical cannabis industry. They have already posted an introductory video promoting the show which can be viewed on their website.

"This project is not about raising revenue for a business. The proceeds from the campaign will be used to create this show, and 5% of all the money collected will be used towards education and advocacy - and making cannabis available to whoever needs it regardless of what state they live in or their income. What we want to do is build a movement that will lead to an honest, constructive conversation about the health benefits of medical cannabis," said Gage Jarvis.

With your help "Joint Venture Las Vegas" will be the show you have been asking for. If you're inspired to, please check out the unique rewards and experiences we've created for you at JointVentureLasVegas.com - and if that moves you please share with all your friends. Every bit helps.

Thank you! Your presence in this movement is already felt. It's our honor to share with you and are grateful for all the work you've done to create this opportunity. We're humbled by it all!

With Gratitude,
Gage & Jake

P.S. We'll be sharing all kinds of updates, videos and info on our social channels along the journey - please join us in conversation!

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