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Medical Cannabis Supporters March Down Main Street in Protest of SB 423

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Today is the last day Governor Schweitzer can veto SB 423, a bill that reforms medical cannabis in Montana. Medical cannabis supporters marched down Main Street in Bozeman this afternoon to protest.

"300 people die every year in Montana from prescription drugs, and zero from medical marijuana," said March Organizer Anthony Smith.

Marchers say if the bill is not vetoed by the end of today, medical cannibus users will have to turn to prescription drugs, and some believe our state's legislators benefit from that.

"Our state people are being funded by these prescription drug companies and that's the reason we're in this predicament," said Cardholder and Caregiver Don Clement.

But Representative Michael More says those allegations couldn't be more false.

"The notion that we would benefit from pharmaceuticals is absolutely false," More said. "It's absolutely ludacris to the point of where it's almost comical."

Two horse drawn carriages marched down Main with coffins symbolizing the 300 Montanans that die every year because of prescription drug abuse.

"It's time people realize what the problem is," said Jim Gingery of the Montana Medical Grower's Association. "The problem is the pharmaceuticals not the medical cannabis."

The marchers marched onto the courthouse lawn where they held signs in protest of the law.

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