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Medical Card restrictions


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I have a few questions i have searched all over and cannot find information on what the legal amount of plants in the county of Tehama in the town of cottonwood CA. and if you have a medical card stating that you are allowed to grow 60-90 plants does this change anything. and also is it allowed to have plants growing under two different peoples cards on a single property if possible is there a limit to each card

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High Matsun...

Here is a start for number of plants in the various counties...CA NORML Local Policies...most cities/counties in Ca. only allow 6 mature and 12 immature plants.

Here is an overview of the MMJ Law in CA...CA NORML Patient Guide

Not sure about your medical card stating that you can grow 60-90 plants and if that changes anything. I would be very careful to stay within the limits until you find out for sure. Is it a cultivation licence?

I know you can grow for up to three people that have MMJ cards. So that would be 18 mature and 36 immature plants altogether. One thing you want to stay away from is going over 99 plants in any situation if possible. Most cases involving more than 99 plants go to the Federal level without question. Be careful to stay within the laws and enjoy the fruits of your labor. :yummy:
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