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Medical Marijuana after hours with a safety sensitive job - Worried about disclosure


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I use marijuana for anxiety/depression/ptsd.

I never use on the job or before work. I typically need it in the evening as I wind down and am alone with my thoughts. It helps me clear the mind and gets me to sleep. With antidepressants I needed sleeping pills and lost my sex drive considerably.

My concern is that my company will remove me from my safety sensitive position if I disclose. Even if I tell them I don't use at work. As we all know it's difficult to determine when a person last used, unlike a breathalyzer for alcohol. I feel they will just want to play it safe and just remove me from my position. I've never given them any reason to think I'm high on the job. I'm a productive, punctual employee with a clean safety record, being with the company for 5 years. I'm worried that some day I will have an incident prompting a urine test and they will fire me for not disclosing my prescription in a safety sensitive position.

Any thoughts, experiences or information would be appreciated.

Thanks for listening.

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Re: Medical marijuana (after hours) with a safety sensitive job. worried about disclo

You would have to look into the rules where you live, in example here in the US you have no protections as illegal on Federal level so Oregon has left it up to the Employers to decide if they want to include it in their drug tests/company policies or not, as nothing they could enforce due to Fed laws even though it is "legal" here to use it for Rec or Med (plus it was worded that way in the Ballot Measure we voted on, which helped it to pass by getting folks on the fence to vote for it as the Sin Taxes go to Schools and Drug Rehab/Enforcement). So unless some job protections in the laws up north either on the Fed level or Province level they pretty much can have policies like that, why I quit for 25 years as two places I worked in that time had similar policies where if you got hurt they would test and and if you failed you were screwed on not only your job but getting them to pay for the Medical bills for your accident.
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