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Medical Marijuana: Allegan is Latest to Consider Ordinance

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The Allegan City Council is scheduled today to vote on a medical marijuana ordinance that would, like many others in West Michigan, regulate medical marijuana clinics as home occupations.

City officials say the proposed ordinance is similar to those in the nearby cities of Plainwell and Otsego.

Allegan is the latest West Michigan government in a long line that have grappled with regulation in the wake of a 2008 voter decision to legalize the use of medical marijuana. The election has not silenced the debate, which has gone on for decades.

In Lansing, for example, more than 40 dispensaries are operating, even as the city considers an ordinance that would force many to move.

Most West Michigan communities have responded to the new law by enacting -- and renewing -- moratoriums.

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Website: Medical marijuana: Allegan is latest to consider ordinance; moratoriums in place in much of West Michigan
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