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Medical Marijuana And Dr. Oz: Shame For Misinformation Propaganda


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Dr. Oz, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read The Oregonian Dec. 15, 2010 with the headline for your article Medical Marijuana Is Not An All-Purpose Healer. I have no idea who flummoxed you into writing this but as a physician from Turkey you should know better. Marijuana has been used as medicine in your country, Turkey, for at least 1000 years. Here for only 200.

I have been a Pharmacology & Toxicology professor for 50 years. I’m going down your list and correcting you about Marijuana’s usefulness:

(1) for Cancer pain it is better than most opiates

(2) for nausea of Cancer and HIV/AIDS it is better than most anti-emetics AND anti-nausea medicines

(3) for anorexia of Cancer and HIV/AIDS it can’t be beat

(4) for nerve pain it is better than most opiates

I will continue to correct you as I follow your article. It can be smoked (not recommended – use a vaporizer instead!) and can be eaten in lemon bars or any other cookie or cake. “Hand rolled” joints are passé – use a vaporizer, it’s much better.

Marijuana/Cannabis does cause vasodilation and recent medical articles indicate it IS good for high blood pressure. It is excellent for diabetic neuropathy which is very painful. It has been found useful for Alzheimers rage.

Marijuana/Cannabis has effectively supplemented many standard pharmaceuticals (search my article Marijuana Replaces Many Drugs).

You refer to Marijuana Carcinogens. Using a vaporizer eliminates them producing beneficial medicine ONLY. Tobacco kills millions. Marijuana never killed anybody.

Modern U.S. medical literature sponsored & paid for by U.S. Government prints only bad stuff about Cannabis. I have about 5000 Medical Marijuana patients and none ever reported anything about heart attacks. As far as “brain drain” is concerned it is a mild inebriant, call it tipsy. I had about 50 Multiple Sclerosis patients. They prefer it to ANY other medicine.

Weakend Immunity System has been studied in HIV/AIDS patients. Marijuana is probable neutral on this.

Lung damage is another “red herring”. Use a vaporizer and eliminate this.

You tout Marinol pills. In effective doses, it causes anxiety reactions and panic attacks. These are not helpful.

Dr. Oz, you probably are a good surgeon but Marijuana therapeutics is obviously NOT your forte.

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