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Medical Marijuana Barbie at Presidential Debate

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Press Release
October 17, 2000
St. Louis, MO

Medical Marijuana Barbie Prescribes Cure for Drug War
at Presidential Debate

dress and familiar leaf tattooed on her body, "Medical
Marijuana Barbie", will be at Washington University
Wednesday, asking Presidential candidates Al Gore and
George W. Bush to include medical marijuana in their
proposed prescription drug plans.

Medical Marijuana Barbie, also known as Dr. Tracy
Blevins, an anti-drug war activist with a doctorate in
pharmacology, returns to her alma mater, site of the
third debate, to bring public attention to the
important need to regulate marijuana for medical use.

"My goal is to convince the two candidates to regulate
medical marijuana under their new prescription drug
plans", stated Blevins. "Marijuana has been shown to
be a safe and effective medicine by the 1999 Institute
of Medicine report", according to Dr. Blevins,
"patients should have universal access to this
medicine by prescription and insurance should cover

Medical uses of marijuana include treatment of
glaucoma, post traumatic stress disorder, reducing the
nausea associated with cancer chemotherapy, and
increasing the appetites of AIDS patients. Currently,
seventeen states approve of medical marijuana, and
eight patients receive marijuana from the federal

Medical Marijuana Barbie's visit will be sponsored by
the Washington University chapter of the Students for
Responsible Drug Policy (SRDP). Ari Buchnach,
President of the SRDP said, "We are a part of a large,
nationwide movement of students and educators who are
trying to educate the American people about the
benefits of medical marijuana and the importance of
including this important medication in the new
prescription drug benefit plans".

Medical Marijuana Barbie, however, points to a more
personal reason for her activism. "My sister has
Crohn's disease, also known as irritable bowl
syndrome, and has to take upwards of 26 pills a day,
many of which pass through her digestive system
undissolved and unabsorbed, explained Blevins,
"marijuana has a soothing effect on a tender colon.

If y'all thought I was self centered back in
grad school, sheesh! Now I'm writing my own
press releases. I'm going to protest the third
presidential debates at my alma mater, Wash U.
I'm really trying to get on CNN, so ya better

Love, peace and harmony to all.
Medical Marijuana Barbie