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Medical Marijuana: Biblical Reference


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God directs Moses to make a holy oil composed of Myrrh, sweet cinnamon, kaneh bosum and kassia. Hebrew bible, Exodus 30:23 Note: The translation for kaneh is cane or reed. The translation for bosum, (modern Israeli word for perfume) is sweet or aromatic so kaneh bosum means sweet reed.

Many local languages in biblical times used the same roots. It was busma in Aramaic, cana in Sanskrit, qunnaba in Assyrian, kenab in Persian, kannab in Arabic and kanbun in Chaldean. Bible experts and frequent readers will recognize the nearby countries mentioned. The holy oil was used for anointing or consecration objects and persons in biblical religious rights and also as medicine.

Most Western European translators of the original Hebrew bibles translated kaneh to be cane (like sugar cane) but they did not express the final vowel which in Hebrew gave it the eh sound as in kaneh. Some translators interpreted kaneh to be Calamus which is an entirely different plant.

Maybe they knew that kaneh bosum was cannabis and a “wicked” weed.

Some will say that kaneh bosum was anointing oil only, but that is not true either, as Israeli archeologists had discovered in a 1600 year old tomb in 1993. It was a skeleton of a young pregnant girl. Her pelvis was too small for delivery and she had died. Cannabis residue was found close by. It was assumed the medicine was burned and she inhaled the vapors to aid in delivery. Cannabis had been known as medicine since at least 1600 B.C. in the biblical areas.

Chinese references indicate cannabis, Tai ma, or great hemp (reed?) was used around 2700 B.C. It is interesting to note and report that no deaths by cannabis have ever been reported.

Cannabis medicines were widely used up until 1900 when synthetic pure medicines became available. It was not until 1985 when the structure of Tetrahydra cannabinol (THC) the main medicine in cannabis, was discovered synthesized and released as an FDA approved medicine.

In the pure form, THC has been found to cause severe panic attacks in many patients. It has been subsequently found that several related cannabis chemicals modulate these adverse effects of THC and they are marketed as Sativex in England and Canada.

In the meantime cannabis as marijuana has been the drug of choice for about fifty disease processes. The most common use is relief of severe pain. It is used by at least 400 million people.

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the original annointing oil was often used as a sav, and was rubbed in the eyes of the blind/ visually impaired (cataracs?) and rubbed on the skin of women who experienced symptoms later identified as menstration problems.
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