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Medical Marijuana Bill In Quinn's Hands

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Many people in the Heartland have an opinion on an Illinois bill to legalize medical marijuana.

A senate hearing committee passed it on Friday; Governor Pat Quinn hasn't said if he'll sign it.

The full Senate is expected to vote on the measure this week.

The Illinois House passed the bill last month.

Under the bill, doctors can prescribe marijuana to patients with specific terminal illnesses or medical conditions, like cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV.

The measure also requires patients and caregivers to undergo background checks.

"Well I think it should be everybody's own free will," said Janele Lee of Johnston City. " I'm not against it. And if they pass it everybody should be able to do what they please. I would agree with it."

"I think doctors ought to stay out of politics," said Charles Bowers of West Frankfort. "Because there's going to be more people going to be getting marijuana. Lots of people got diabetes. And that's going to be the first ones to get a slip to get it, and then they're going to sell it. And it's just going to cause more problems like alcohol does."

Supporters say marijuana can relieve continual pain without the detrimental side effects of other prescription drugs.

Opponents say it could encourage the recreational use of the drug.


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