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Medical Marijuana Breakthrough in Canada?

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If a new organization has its way, legitimate Lower Mainland users will have better access to medical marijuana across the country.

Under the Canadian Association of Medicinal Cannabis Dispensaries, member dispensaries will abide by a uniform set of regulations. The regulations will set a standard for patient in-take across the country, said Jacob Hunter, Policy Director with the Beyond Prohibition Foundation in Vancouver.

By setting a standard, the CAMCD hopes to help legitimize medicinal pot in the eyes of doctors as well as force the government to recognize that access to the drug is a right. Currently, medical marijuana users need to either meet a certain set of criteria established by Health Canada or obtain a letter of recommendation from a doctor.

According to a press release issued by CAMCD, its 11 members currently serve 20,000 members nationwide. There are 10 dispensaries in the Lower Mainland, another 10 in B.C. and 20 more in other parts of the country. More are opening every day, said Hunter.

"This will clarify for everyone what the rules are," said Hunter.

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