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Medical Marijuana Business Opens

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Curious? Globe Farmacy, LLC (a medical marijuana dispensary) will have an Open House on Thursday, July 18, and everyone is welcome to check it out. The "medicine' will arrive that night, and then no one will be admitted without a medical marijuana card. There are more than card-holders in the Globe area.

The Farmacy will be open 10-7, seven days a week. Different strains and different forms of marijuana will be available; only about a third is smoked by modern users.

For those embarrassed to come, an unmarked delivery car can bring it to your door. Buyers' cards will be swiped, and the amount is monitored - only so much per month, purchased anywhere in the state.

All the dispensaries are "non-profits." Employees, directors etc. are allowed to collect reasonable wages, but any "profits" from the Farmacy will go to the City "in lieu of taxes." The new director, Desmond Baker (of La Vida e Cafe next door) says he wants to see the City profit, and employees will be 50/50 local people.

The dispensary will be monitored so closely, that only employees above reproach are wanted. The Farmacy is investor-owned and board-overseen. Green Halo was going to start it up in January, but lawyers realized that the contract would allow them to run it "forever," so the Farmacy dropped them and reorganized the board with no Green Halo people, refiled the paper work, etc.


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