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Medical Marijuana Caregivers In Colorado Face New Limitations On Number Of Patients

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Marijuana caregivers who grow pot on behalf of medical patients are under the microscope in Colorado -- again. The state Board of Health is due to vote Tuesday on a new rule limiting those marijuana caregivers to 10 patients. Currently caregivers can have up to five patients, but they can get waivers to serve many more. The rule change would eliminate waivers. Colorado officials say that some caregivers are using the medical marijuana waivers to avoid commercial taxes and regulations. But the proposed rule change has sparked strong opposition from some medical patients. People under 21 cannot buy pot in stores, and the marijuana strains used to treat epileptic children are in high demand. The board will also vote on new rules for applying for marijuana research grants.


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Source: Thedenverchannel.com
Author: The Associated Press
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Website: Medical marijuana caregivers in Colorado face new limitations on number of patients - 7NEWS Denver TheDenverChannel.com
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