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Medical Marijuana Case Dismissed

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A medical marijuana co-op won a huge battle in court after two years of claiming its innocence.

The California Compassionate Co-Op on north Chester Avenue was shut down in May 2009 by authorities.

The defendant's attorney said the judge ruled that the Kern County Sheriff's Office suppressed evidence in the case.

The judge dismissed the case after attorney H. A. Sala showed evidence that the Sheriff's Office held back.

The department obtained a search warrant two years ago, claiming the co-op was operating illegally.

The judge ruled on Friday that the information provided by the sheriff's department to obtain that warrant was misleading and contained omissions.

That search warrant was used to seize evidence based on the belief the co-op was not registered, making a profit and selling pot to non-members.

"They would have never been able to shut them down; they never would have sized the medical cannabis; they never would have seized their bank accounts. The judge said 'If I had all the evidence, I would have never authorized the search warrant,' "said Sala.

Sala also said the judge's decision stems from a tape recording made by deputies prior to obtaining that search warrant. The tape, Sala added, contained information showing the cooperative was innocent.

The owners of the co-op have filled a civil case claiming that their rights were violated.

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