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Medical Marijuana Clinic Opens in Pearl District

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PORTLAND, Ore. — The Pearl District has a new clinic with a doctor who specializes in medical marijuana.

Dr. Sandra Camacho opened the Portland Alternative Clinic three weeks ago after leaving her former practice at The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation in Southeast Portland.

She told KATU her goal is to give patients information about medical marijuana options and recommend treatment when appropriate.

"Medical marijuana is a good option," she said.

While her first few weeks in the Pearl have been slow, she has seen patients from all walks of life come through the door. Some are people with chronic diseases who have exhausted other treatment options, while others are people who are scared of the side effects or addictive properties of conventional medicine.

Some patients have told her their primary care physicians don't like discussing medical marijuana.

"I think there's still that stigma," she said. "Some of the people I interview mention that their doctors don't even like to discuss if they even mention the word marijuana. I think it's because of the lack of knowledge."

Dr. Camacho doesn't actually have any marijuana in her clinic; she just sees patients and makes recommendations about whether or not marijuana would be an appropriate treatment.

"This is just a medical office, we're not dispensing anything here," she said.

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