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Medical Marijuana Club In Laguna Woods Village


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
Members of Laguna Woods for Medical Cannabis collective have started a new club in the retirement community to promote education on medical marijuana.

LWMC director Lonnie Painter said the difference between the club and the 100-member collective is that any resident can be a member of the club regardless of medical status. The collective required members to have a doctor's permission to use marijuana for a medical purpose.

"We want the collective to be able to have a low profile," Painter said. He said this club would be a way for anyone to participate and learn about medical marijuana.

Painter said he needed at least 20 members to establish the Village Cannabis Club, which will hold its first meeting in March and elect officers before it becomes official. The medical marijuana club will join the list of more than 250 clubs in Laguna Woods Village.

The club will try and provide residents with information on the laws regarding medical marijuana, the therapeutic effects and the latest research on the drug.

After the GRF board's decision on Feb. 2 to ban growing medical marijuana in community garden plots because of safety concerns, Painter said he wants to have the club ultimately give a presentation to residents and board members to demystify concerns about marijuana.

"So they can learn the issues of the collective and access to medical marijuana," Painter said. "We want to be able to give those directors information. Those board members really had no idea of some of the issues involved."

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