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Medical Marijuana doctor in Rhode Island

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I am a concerned mom trying to find a doctor who will allow my son to use medical marijuana for his illnesses. He suffers from chronic daily migraines, nausea, chronic insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritable bown syndrome. He has tried many prescription drugs but none seem to do anything for him. He has tried marijuana and it does help relieve his migraines, his nausea so he can eat, helps him sleep, helps his anxiety.

If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. My son needs some relief and I do not know where to go.:wood:


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Thanks for the info..I have been asking everywhere for help in Rhode Island to no avail..I to have anxiety,trouble sleeping,ptsd to name a few..I hate the meds they give me.besides not working well they have physically harmed me,high blood sugar level..almost to the point of diabetes!!!


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11th state consults has a very professional staff that specializes in consultations only for medical marijuana cards....

many qualify, particularly those in pain from accidents or who have been to physical therapy. call to see if you are eligible for the program.

127 dorrance st
providence , Ri

Here are some photos of our office.



We are happy to answer any questions that may help anyone anytime. Please feel free to call for more info about us or to make an appointment anytime

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