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Medical Marijuana Facility Opens


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
BILLINGS - A medical marijuana facility opens its doors Thursday, and owners said they plan to offer public tours in the next few months.

Mark Higgins' new marijuana grow rooms get a first coat of paint Thursday.The facility will be the first of its kind, offering tours and classes when the operation gets up and running.

Higgins said that will take about three months. Montannabis personnel said they are committed to helping medical marijuana patients navigate the process.

Dr. Beth A. Klein is a doctor working with Montannabis. She said many doctors are afraid of recommending marijuana for patients. "People have paid lots of money for their education and they fear their reputations will be tarnished," she said, "I don't feel that way, I feel like I'm providing care that's necessary."

President and Caregiver Mark Higgins said having a permanent store prevents patients from stockpiling. "Patients are buying less medicine, they're coming in a little bit more frequently," he said, "because they're not having to buy it and wonder 'if I call him is he going to show up, am I going to get my medicine." Higgins said selling smaller quantities means there's less of a chance patients will choose to break the law and re-sell

Higgins said his business helps more than just his patients. He said their startup efforts have poured thousands of dollars into the local economy.

Montannabis is one of five medical marijuana storefronts in Billings.

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