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Medical Marijuana Facility Possible for Coolidge

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A medical marijuana facility may be imminent in Coolidge after a recent adjustment to the City's Zoning Code by the Coolidge City Council.

According to Growth Management Director Alton Bruce, the state determined that 129 medical marijuana dispensaries would be allowed across the state. In that number, only one would be allowed per medical district.
There are 123 medical districts in Arizona, Coolidge being one.

"I would say we've had significant interest," Bruce said in regards to a dispensary locating in Coolidge. "Five or six serious inquiries."

"It would appear likely, but not certain, that we will have a proposal for a medical marijuana facility in the city."

In the designated rules, there are several different types of facilities that encompass the medical marijuana industry.

A medical marijuana dispensary, medical marijuana infusion facility, medical marijuana cultivation location and qualifying patient/caregiver cultivation location will all be allowed by right or by conditional use in designated zones within Coolidge.

If a medical marijuana facility is located in Coolidge, patients will not be allowed to grow plants within a 25-mile radius of the facility.

"As much as I hate to say it, I think we probably want that," Mayor Tom Shope said.

This was brought up when council discussed the possibility of not approving a facility and whether or not having them locate in Casa Grande and Florence would "blanket" Coolidge from any medical marijuana activity.

"My concern is people growing pot everywhere," Councilman Jon Thompson said.

The idea was ultimately discouraged and the possibility of generating tax revenue from a facility was an appealing thought to the council.

To this point, tax revenues that will be available and possible for the city are unclear.

In November voters in the state of Arizona passed Proposition 203, which legalized the use of marijuana for qualifying patients as a medicine. The State Department of Health Services recently adopted regulations concerning facilities that would house and provide the product.

Provisions include:

- Allow medical marijuana dispensaries in the C-2 zone by conditional use permit.

- Allow any medical marijuana use (including dispensary, cultivation or infusion facility) in the C-3, Commerce Park, I-1 and I-2 zones by conditional use permit.

- Allow medical marijuana cultivation facilities in the agricultural zone by conditional use permit.

- Allow medical marijuana uses in a PAD only if such use was proposed in the original PAD document.

- Allow qualifying patient/caregivers to grow medical marijuana as an accessory use in any residential zone if an only there is no dispensary located within 25 miles.

- Provides the following buffer requirements from the indicated uses:

1. 500 feet from any other medical marijuana use.

2. 500 feet from a substance abuse diagnostic and treatment facility or other drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility.

3. 500 feet from a church and public or private school.

4. 500 feet from a daycare center providing care to minor children

5. 1 mile from any boundary of the Gila River Indian Community.

* Sets a number of development standards including security provisions, prohibition of drive-thru, delivery service or outdoor seating areas and prohibition against on-site use.

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