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Medical Marijuana for Morning sickness in Colorado


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My wife is pregnant (about one month along), and has terrible morning sickness. We've tried every herbal remedy in the book, but nothing seems to alleviate the nausea. We've read about women successfully using marijuana to relieve morning sickness symptoms, and there is sufficient research that indicates it is NOT harmful to the baby.

So my wife has decided that she wants to give it a try. We live in the Denver, CO area, so we called these people:

Colorado Medical Marijuana | Find a Doctor & Physician | Obtain a MMJ Card

And were informed that "absolutely none of their doctors" would even consider recommending marijuana to a pregnant woman. I find this ironic, since pregnant women take the incredibly harmful "Zofran" drug to relieve morning sickness all the time, with the approval of their doctors.

Anyway, is there anyone out there who lives in Colorado who has taken marijuana during pregnancy to relieve morning sickness symptoms? If so, could you recommend a doctor we could go to?
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Re: Medical Marijuana for Morning sickness in Colorado.

I know my mother did and I turned out fine. But would have to agree with the doctors with this. Not that I think it would hurt the baby. But I heard that when we smoke, something happens to our cells and hinders oxogen uptake. Same as cigarettes I hear, dont know if its true or not. Also if god forbid the child was a little off, you would always wonder if.


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Re: Medical Marijuana for Morning sickness in Colorado.

My Bio mom smoked pot with me and Look at me know! lol....
I would read read read. Make your choice based on an educated response to what you and your wife have learned. There are Many medical Journals out there showing the various uses of MM. I do not in any way discount the opinions on this site..So MUCH knowledge..BUTT (I love a big BUTT :p) This is your child not a growth or headache that will go away. The use of MM is potentially less harmful then smoking Cigs...but you need to make sure to except the end results and made sure you were educated on the possible side effects towards your child.

I stopped smoking during all of my pregnancies. With my oldest son (12yrs old) I smoked the first 9 weeks..(didn't know I was Preggers) He has Speech/Language Disabilities, ADHD, and Aspergers. I can not confirm or deny that these things were a result of smoking M in those first 9 weeks, But not knowing that I was or wasn't the cause kills me everyday. Educate yourselves. Love and Peace...Missy


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Re: Medical Marijuana for Morning sickness in Colorado.

Researches and practical experiences indicate, Marijuana not being harmful and eases such conditions. But, i would still suggest you to find a Medical Marijuana Dispensary and as per there recommendation consume Marijuana.

Hope this Helps!


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Nausea is a sign of dehydration....

Pregnancy Testimonials

Developmental problems of children are NOT from cannabis use, it is from nutritional deficiencies, and lack of healthy fats and omega fatty acids while in the womb and during early years. Just look up the findings of Weston A. Price. Also look up the story on Pottenger's Cats.
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