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Medical Marijuana - For Some, Better Than Highly Addictive Drugs like Oxycontin

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This morning's Ledger 3-22-2011, talked about the progress our state is making on implementing medical marijuana use. Six medical marijuana growers and sellers have been approved by the State Health Department.

"The New Jersey Compassionate Use Marijuana Act requires the Health Department to license two alternative treatment centers each, in the North, Central and Southern parts of the State for a total of six."

Right now, physicians are prescribing highly addictive but effective pain killers, including oxycontin, percocet and many others. Many innocent patients lured by the good feeling, develop a dependency on these drugs. This problem is a by-product of the pain killers, and there often is a compulsion to continue them even beyond the prescribed use. Once tolerance is established, some patients will obtain several prescriptions from different physicians for these addictive pain killers, so that they can continue their use innapropriately for months, tragically.

Eventually many of the patients now addicted to these legally prescribed drugs and in desperate need, are turning to street heroin to avoid the painful withdrawal symptoms. At Integrity House, we are now getting this type of referral i.e. people who started with back pain and ended up with a full blown addiction.

Medical marijuana is a good alternative for mitigating pain of chronic illness such as MS or chemotherapy, and it is not physically addictive. Like cigarettes and coffee, a patient can become habituated to it but not physically addicted. While there is always the possibility of abuse by some, that cannot justify withholding this treatment for those truly in need.

It appears that medical marijuana may be a far better alternative than the highly addictive pain killers, for some if not many suffering chronic pain.

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