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Medical Marijuana Growers Step Forward

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May 15,00
CBC News
More then 90 applications!
Health Canada's call for a supplier of high-quality marijuana is attracting interest from pot growers across the country. CBC News has obtained a list of more than 90 companies or individuals that say they'd like to supply the marijuana for medical trials. The government says it doesn't want to hear from anyone already growing illegally. It says it's looking for reputable companies. Brian Taylor of Grand Forks, B.C. is planning to bid. He says he's been trying to build the reputation of his company for the past three years. The contract calls for $5 million worth of marijuana over five years – and, of course, Health Canada must get all of it.
To some, it seems like a lucrative and straightforward business. Tony Meszaros of Victoria saw the call for applications in the paper a week ago and he thought he'd be perfect for the job. "I'm a successful grower. I know every aspect, growing, feeding, cloning looking after the ventilation." But while the potential profits of such an enterprise could be huge, so are the initial costs. Health Canada's request for proposals is specific: growing the marijuana would require hundreds of thousands of dollars in security, and other expenses for packaging and quality control.

Victoria, BC
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