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Medical Marijuana Is Legal In 14 States; Why Not New York?


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It makes no sense whatsoever to treat cancer patients and other chronically ill folks as criminals for trying to ease their debilitating pain or nausea.

But that's just what New York has been doing by refusing to allow its sickest residents to use marijuana under a doctor's supervision. For many, prescription painkillers or other medicines fail to help. Only marijuana is effective. Denying them that level of comfort is nothing less than cruel.

Fourteen states have legalized medical marijuana use for qualified patients since 1996. The most recent, on Jan. 18, was New Jersey; that state's law takes effect in six months.

In New York, a bill in the Legislature would bring the state in line with the other 14. But lawmakers have considered seven versions of the current legislation since the 1997-98 session. In 2007-08, the proposal died in the Senate, then controlled by Republicans. The fate of this year's bill remains to be seen.

The bill is modeled after Rhode Island's medical marijuana law, though there are some differences. For example, patients in Rhode Island can legally possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana and 12 marijuana plants that must be stored indoors. New York's bill also allows 2.5 ounces but leaves out plants – an approach that appears to be better suited to prevent the wrong people from getting their hands on the controlled substance.

Both states would allow children to use medical marijuana, but Rhode Island's law seems to afford more protection for sick kids. In Rhode Island, a medical practitioner must explain the potential risks and benefits of marijuana to the child and to a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian also must consent in writing to allow the child's medical use of marijuana, serve as one of the child's primary caregivers and control the acquisition, dosage and frequency of the youngster's marijuana use.

New York's bill requires only that a parent, guardian or someone designated by the parent or guardian be the caregiver. There is no informed consent clause in the bill, although the medical practitioner must give a copy of his or her certification for marijuana use to the patient. The bill needs some retooling to better inform kids and their parents of what they're getting into.

In the meantime, marijuana use and possession remain illegal for everyone in New York. Possessing 2.5 ounces, as the bill would allow patients to do, is a misdemeanor punishable by a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Seriously ill people, for whom marijuana is the only thing that will relieve their symptoms, have an unenviable choice: break the law or continue to suffer.

It's time for lawmakers to show some compassion by making medical marijuana legal.

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Right on Weedpipe !! But how about the rest of us !! The ones that just get high and relax !! Are you saying that we're different somehow ?? I'm 68 yrs. young and i started puffing when i was young, so i know a little about what i'm talking about. In my opinion, MJ should be available to everyone who enjoys the effects. I know my life would have been a drag, without MJ !! I think i 1st got high in like 1956, and trust me, they would lock you up and throw away the key, for a f---king key for a joint, and the thc content was probably not in the high numbers. In Dayton Ohio, If you, was known to smoke weed, you were an outcast and branded. But hey, i went to Calif. and thought i was getting away from the way Oh. people think. But i found that a lot of ohio people was now living in calif.. I was personally at some the big concerts, like Janis and Hendricks, and trust me, back in the day, we did'nt charge these exorbinate prices for tickets ?? We set on lawn chairs, if we were smart enough to bring one, otherwise you sit on the grass, which was'nt bad at all !! Anyhow, we smoked at those concerts, and were smoking now, so what's new , except the law, which i have less respect for because of the mj laws !! Why do you make inocent people , look like criminals ?? The american people should not let this happen !! Let our bros and sisters out of prison, and stop the foolishiness !! And while i'm at it, shame on our new president for making promise that he now wont deliver on !! It's all good though, or most of it !! i'm probably the only one that feels this way ?? Ha !! Stay cool weedpipe !!
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Alabany will do what it want's when it comes to medical cannabis like it dose on everything else.thay are not known for listening to the people who elect them.We need to only look to the dutch to see how to treat cannabis...peace
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