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Medical Marijuana Laws Under Fire


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The Hawaii law that allows marijuana for medical use has come under attack again from Hawaii's top federal prosecutor.

Ed Kubo said the law helped a major supplier of illegal pakalolo avoid prosecution.

KITV4 News reporter Daryl Huff reported that Saturday was the opening salvo in the legislative debate over medical marijuana in Hawaii.

Supporters hope to liberalize the law, while law enforcement wants to tighten it up.

Richard Valasco's role as a certified marijuana caregiver ended when police found more than 600 marijuana plants at his home.

"This guy was profiting this guy was drug dealing. He was hiding behind this certificate," said Kubo.

Law enforcement said the existence of legal medical marijuana patches make it harder to identify and crack down on illegal growers.

"We have to ensure that that caregiver is not in compliance with the law," said Hawaii County Police Chief Lawrence Mahuna.

Velasco got his medical marijuana caregiver certificate despite a history of drug crime, so the state wants the power to do criminal background checks for caregivers who are allowed to grow up to seven plants for patients.

Velasco now faces 10-to-life in federal prison and is still technically eligible for a certificate.

Medical marijuana advocates said patients and doctors are already intimidated.

"We think making it more and more law-enforcement-oriented is going to frighten away more and more people," said medical marijuana advocate Pamela Lichty.

Advocates want the law liberalized by allowing caregivers to grow for up to three patients and having it run by the State Health Department instead of the Drug Abuse Enforcement Division.

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If this is only one instance that has been published thus far in Hawaii regarding a blatant mis use of Hawaii's Medical Marijuana laws by an individual, and maybe an oversight on the Department of Public Safety, Narcotics Enforcement Division , Medical Marijuana Registry, Patient Identification Certificate. Than shame is on Mr Valasco. The state sees this as a Major Supplier of Marijuana, who was not and is not authorized to do so. Police Chief Mahuna is correct in stating that Mr Valasco is "not in compliance with the law".
The laws regarding Marijuana in Hawaii vary.
In 1916 Francisco Dela Cruz came to Hawaii from the Phillipines, living in Waipio Valley until 1964. Francisco and all his family had been growing Marijuana for over 200 years as the stories were related on down to only a special few people, as well as their true strains brought over with them. But, when Hawaii became the 50th State these new laws regarding Marijuana were un heard of and laughed at by many who could not believe this. It was not only Marijuana that one grew, Taro was the main staple, as well as all other fruits & vegetables of Hawaii.
The fact that Hawaii Medical Marijuana Patients are allowed 3 Mature Flowering Plants and 4 in a Vegetative Stage is plainly stated.
The quantity allowed for Medical Marijuana Patients should be ammended to allow 10 plants in a Flowering Stage and 15 in a Vegetative Stage. The seasons are year round and climate favorable for growing all year long.
There are also politics involved and territorial boundaries being breeched in the case mentioned above. For many years the big hui's have controlled the commercial growing of Marijuana on Hawaii, with virtually no problems of Law Enforcement. It was and still is kept very quiet and respected amongst these certain groups. It is only know that the laws again are in transition and there will be those who mis use and destroy for others what the Hawaii Legislature has openly addressed,adopted, voted, passed & put into place for the people of Hawaii.
It is best to pursue an open agenda with the State of Hawaii and explore what worked before the United States took over Hawaii in 1958 and made Hawaii a State, and incorporate that into what can work today for Hawaii. Taxation of Marijuana should be explored as well. Sugar Cane is gone, There are many thousands of acres that may be used for Hemp / Bio Fuel / Medicinal, Recreational Marijuana.
Coffee flourishes here as well as other Hawaiian Islands. So does Marijuana. Coffee is taxed, Tax Marijuana. 4.166% Retail Sales Tax .05% GE Tax.
In these times that are upon all citizens of the United States, and as the generations are changing,so will the Laws on Marijuana. The end of Prohibition of Marijuana is cearly in sight.
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