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Medical Marijuana Moratorium A Near Certainty


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
Billings city council members said its likely they will enact a temporary ban on new medical marijuana facilities.

The council meets monday for a work-session and a regular session a week later. Members said they expect to pass a temporary ordinance similar to one originally considered in October.

Councilmembers said the issue has reached a tipping point for members concerned over medical marijuana businesses opening near schools.

"We've got enough outcry now from the citizens out there, that we got to stand up and listen to them and say 'hey, this is something the city has to do," said Councilmember Jim Ronquillo, "he said we need to control this stuff before it gets out of hand."

The temporary ordinance could ban new businesses for up to 18 months. Council members said that will give the state legislature time to provide more guidelines.

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