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Medical Marijuana Names Look To Remain Confidential


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BEND, OR - The names of medical marijuana users are supposed to be confidential. A bill working its way through Salem would give police access to those names. But, that bill may have hit a snag. Republican State Representative Andy Olson says Oregon's voter approved Medical Marijuana law is out of control. Olson and two other former state police troopers who now serve in the Legislature have been working on a series of reforms, one of which is a bill that would give police access to confidential names of users and growers.

It's all in an effort to make it harder for teenagers to use pot as medicine.

But, the bill failed to get through the normal committee process in the Senate in time, and will now go to the House Rules Committee. enate Judiciary Chairman Floyd Prozanski said the proposal has not had the kind of public discussion needed to move forward.

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if something as crazy as as "a list " is totaly illegal ! there is a thing called doctor patient confidence law , this stoppes anybody who wants to look at your medical records from having that information:slide:

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I don't mind having my name on a list of people that can use Cannabis Legally, with less fear than the "normal" folk.
What I object to, is the fact that politicians think there is a need for a "List" in the first place. Prohibition is bogus.
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