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Medical Marijuana Needs New Focus

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A poll released two years ago shows that 86 percent of New Jersey residents support a medical marijuana law being enacted in the state. There has been a medical marijuana bill in both the Senate and Assembly health committees since that time and Gov. Corzine has said he will sign it if it reaches his desk.

Imagine how happy seriously ill and dying New Jersey medical marijuana patients must have felt to hear the news. Imagine their disillusionment when they eventually realized that not one legislator would demand that these bills be moved.

As the caregiver to my late wife, I watched multiple sclerosis take her away from me little by little. Cheryl spent the last decade of her life being public about how her illegal usage of medical marijuana relieved her pain and spasticity. Although she could not move her arms or legs during that time, she publicly used medical marijuana from her hospital bed placed at the Statehouse steps in Trenton, and was arrested in Washington for using her medicine in a congressman's office.

To me though, her most selfless act was allowing her pain to be public and, to that effect, she left something for us all. Cheryl had me record the routine act of getting her changed when she didn't have her medical marijuana butter. Contrary to prohibitionists' claims, Cheryl's legal medications were not acceptable.

Go to cherylheart.org and click on "Cheryl's cry of pain" and she can tell you so in her own voice. Then stop expecting sick and dying medical marijuana patients to stand up for themselves.

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