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Medical Marijuana OK Shows True Compassion

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April 28,00
Letters To The Editor By Nancy Kern
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Congratulations to the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii and numerous other organizations and individuals -- including a group of courageous and forward-thinking state legislators.
They were instrumental in passing legislation to remove state-level criminal sanctions for seriously ill people using marijuana with the approval of their physicians.
Again, Hawaii has demonstrated national leadership in the area of enlightened public health practice and compassion for those suffering from the painful effects of debilitating illnesses, which the medical use of marijuana could potentially alleviate.
The passage of this legislation sends a critical message to two very important groups:
To those who are ill, we have provided evidence that their well-being is important to us and that we are invested in providing them with options to improve their quality of life.
To our children, in supporting humane policies that address the health and welfare needs of our sickest community members, we have demonstrated the values of compassion and caring for others.
Nancy Kern

Published: April 28, 2000
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