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Medical Marijuana Ordinance Gets Hearing Date in Kalamazoo Township

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KALAMAZOO TOWNSHIP – A public hearing on Kalamazoo Township's medical marijuana ordinance will be held at 7:30 p.m. June 13.

Another public hearing, on a the proposed demolition of a building at 1103 Fenimore, also will take place that night.

The medical marijuana issue has been discussed and debated in the township since last fall, when a six-month moratorium was approved.

The Township Board, after receiving recommendations from the Planning Commission and Township Attorney Kenneth Sparks, was set to adopt a local ordinance in March, but Township Supervisor Terri Mellinger asked for an extension of the moratorium until June to allow more input from medical marijuana advocates, who had complained that they had felt left out of the process.

The proposed ordinance that was nearly adopted in March would have permitted growers to have up to 60 plants for five patients in commercial and industrial areas, but would have prohibited growing for more than one certified patient in residential areas.

Advocates said this restriction effectively would be cost prohibitive for many providers who couldn't afford renting or buying buildings or spaces in commercial or industrial districts.

Michigan voters approved, 63 to 37 percent, a state-wide ballot issue in 2008 to permit the use of marijuana for medical purposes, but since then it has been left to local municipalities to decide how, when and where its sale and distribution can take place.

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