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Tucson - After Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne filed a lawsuit over medical marijuana on Friday, some licensed patients are left wondering how to get their medication.

Veteran Christopher Ehrentraut takes Vicodin to deal with his chronic pain, but said he was excited to substitute that with medical marijuana. He said he paid about $300 dollars to get his license, but now that dispensaries are on hold, he doesn't know what to do.

The Arizona Department of Health Services lists on their website that patients can obtain medical marijuana through a licensed caregiver, but cannot comment on dispensaries until after litigation.

Ehrentraut said he feels cheated by the state, "There's 16 states here that have got medical marijuana programs going on...why are we the only state that's worried about the dispensaries at this time? It looks like we're being too cautious on this."

Attorney General Tom Horne said the state does not want to go against the will of the voters, but rather wants to protect themselves from the Federal Government when they implement the law.

"We did not take a position. We simply filed it, named the interested parties or the proponents of the initiative and the federal offices and they'll argue it out," Horne said Friday after filing the suit.

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