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Medical Marijuana Patients Rally Outside Billings Business

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BILLINGS - Medical marijuana patients demonstrated on Saturday to protest one business owner's view on repealing Montana's medical marijuana law.

The protesters lined up outside Mercedes Benz of Billings on King Avenue West where co-owner Steve Zabawa has been outspoken about his desire to repeal the current law.

The protestors included patients,relatives of patients and caregivers.

"There's responsible people in this industry," said Richard Abromeit, a medical marijuana patient.

"There's responsible patients. We have children.We have families. We feel we need to be much more educated and informed so we can make the correct decisions for ourselves and Montana."

"(They're) well within their rights to be here and that's what's great about living in this country," said Mercedes Benz of Billings General Manager Michael Moran. "Your first amendment rights, if you've got something on your mind, you can speak it."

Morgan and Abromeit say the protest was peaceful and cordial. Employees at Mercedes Benz of Billings gave water to the protesters and one of the demonstrators even thanked the general manager after the rally.

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