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Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
Dr. Phil Leveque in Oregon is one of the world's leading authorities on the subject of medical marijuana. In addition to a lifetime devoted to helping patients with chronic pain, Dr. Leveque is a Pharmacologist, Toxicologist and a WWII combat veteran.

This is the latest video in a continuing series on Salem-News.com with the doctor and reporter Bonnie King.

One person asks the simple question, how do you find a doctor for medical marijuana treatment?

Leveque fields this question as well as possible; one of the few things he can't do in this segment is recommend specific physicians. There are many resources for locating this type of information and Dr. Leveque explains that to this particular visitor.

A student from Colorado State University who suffers from epilepsy asks, "Am I permanently weakening my immune system through smoking medical marijuana ?

The answer may surprise many; Dr. Leveque explains that one of the few things that stimulates the appetite of people suffering from HIV/AIDS, is cannabis, or marijuana.

The herb also has the ability to relieve nausea and this is helpful for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Another person asks about how medical marijuana helps the skin condition Schleroderma.

A Marine combat vet who was in Beirut during the fighting in 1983, suffers from PTSD, and asks Dr. Leveque how he should legally go about discovering if medical marijuana is a better remedy than the three Lortabs he takes every day.

Another person writes to Dr. Leveque to get his opinion about employment problems she is having with the Oregon Human Services Division.

The same state agency that issues medical marijuana permits apparently fails to recognize the state law in its own affairs.

In each segment, Dr. Leveque attempts to answer the questions that are emailed to our studio. We are glad to be the only news organization in this nation that offers this unique service.

All information provided is intended to assist the public in understanding the complex laws and requirements. We do not encourage illegal activity.


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